Migrating From fmQBO Version 1

  1. Connect to your QuickBooks Online Account and get an API Key.
  2. Enter that key in place of your existing licenseString in the fmQBO Config (edit) script in the fmQBO Client Helper module in your database file.
  3. Replace your fmQBO.fmp12 file with this legacy support file (version 1.5).

Differences Between older fmQBO file and this legacy support file:

  • The sandbox state, as defined by the $isSandbox variable in the fmQBO Config (edit) script, or passed in as a parameter to fmQBO Send script, must match the sandbox state of the API Key.
  • Errors are returned in the same format, so the fmqbo_ErrorFound ( theJsonResult ) custom function will continue to work; However, the exact error codes, types, and messages have changed. So, if you ever test for a specific error type/code, you may need to update those tests to account for this change.
  • Logging has been disabled, but the Administrator account now has full access to the file, so you can use the script debugger if needed.

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