Connecting to your QuickBooks Online Account

fmQBO needs your permission to access your QuickBooks Online account .  We don't ask for or store your actual username and password. You'll be redirected to Intuit's website where you will be asked to log in and authorize fmQBO to act on your behalf.

Once you do that, you'll get an API Key, which you will use in your FileMaker application to authorize the connections you make.  You can change that API Key at any time.  But remember to update it in your FileMaker application when you do that

Connecting for the First Time

The fmQBO file has a big green Connect Button the first screen you land on that launches this website.

You use your QuickBooks Online username and password to authenticate. You must have an active QuickBooks Online Account and you must be a full administrator of that account to log in. It can be a Trial Account.  But it can't be a Sandbox Account.

The first time you log in, we'll attempt to connect you to your Quickbooks Online Account and ask you to authorize fmQBO to connect on your behalf to your Quickbooks Online Company Account.  If you have access to more than one Quickbooks Online Company account, you'll be asked to choose.

Once you authorize a connection to your Quickbooks Online Account it will appear on your dashboard. You'll be able to disconnect, enter your license, and you'll be able to retrieve your API key to use in your FileMaker Application.

Managing Connections

You can log in to to manage your connection or connections to your QuickBooks Online company accounts. From that site you can:

  • Disconnect your Company Account so fmQBO can't access it anymore
  • Change your API Key
  • Connect to additional QuickBooks Online Accounts
  • Connect to Sandbox Accounts.
  • Enter the license you purchased from Geist Interactive which will let you use fmQBO beyond the 14 day trial.

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