Step 4 - UI Changes

Integration Step 4

Make UI Adjustments

In this section, we will update several layouts to include the new objects needed for fmQBO support.

Accounts Layout (L10_ACCOUNTS_Data_Entry)

1. Add a new checkbox for 'Taxable'. This check will use the  '1' value list in FMSP and connect to the 'QBO_taxable' field you created earlier. 

Invoices Layout (L90_INVOICES_Data_Entry)

1. Add 2 new pop-up menus that replace the Sales Tax Rate and Terms. These will connect to the qbo_id_TaxCode and qbo_id_Term fields respectively. they will use the value lists we created in the previous step. See illustrations below for details.

Note: FMSP does not use a table for Tax Rates or Terms. We will use the tables already created in fmQBO. This will mean that you will need to edit other areas of FMSP that reference the Tax Rate and Terms fields and have them use the pup-up qbo field in place of the original FMSP field. 

Products Layout (L110_PRODUCTS_Data_Entry)

1. Add 3 fields and one 'Tab' to the products detail layout. This layout does not have a lot of free space so here we will add a new tab and place these 3 fields connected to three value lists on it. 

Create a new 'fmQBO' Tab

2. Add the three files show to this new tab

3. Attach value Lists to the 3 new fields in the same manor you did in the previous section.

  • qbo_assetAccountRef ---- valuelist ----> QBO_Assets_Account
  • qbo_expenseAccountRef ---- valuelist ----> QBO_Accounts_COGS
  • qbo_incomeAccountRef ---- valuelist ----> QBO_Accounts_Income

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