Step 3 - Value Lists

Integration Step 3

Add Value lists to FMSP for Tax and Terms

In this section, we will add 2 value lists to FMSP. These will allow FMSP to use the same Terms and Tax Rates defined in Quick Books Online. These value lists have an id that is saved and a value that is displayed.

FMSP New Value Lists 

1. In FMSP Create 5 new value lists named:

  • QBO_Accounts_COGS
  • QBO_Accounts_Income
  • QBO_Accounts_Asset
  • QBO_Tax_Codes
  • QBO_Terms

For all the new value lists select ' Use value list from another file' and select the 'FMQBO2' Data Source. Select the fmQBO value list for the corresponding  'TaxCode ID' and 'Term Id' value lists. See images below for reference. 

Sample settings for the 'QBO_Tax_Codes' Value list. All five will be similar but with the appropriate fmQBO Value List.

2. Check: Compare your new value lists to the image below: 

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