Step 2 - Data Sources and TO's

Integration Steps 2

Add External Data Sources and Table Occurrences

In this section, we will add the needed external data sources to connect FMSP to fmQBO as well as adding or editing the Table occurrences to allow the mapping scripts to see FMSP.

We suggest having the fmQBO file sit in the same folder as your FMSP file. 

FMSP to fmQBO 

1. In fmQBO, edit the External Data Sources and make sure the 'FM Starting Point' entry points to your copy of FMSP. 

fmQBO to FMSP 

1. In FMSP, add a new data source that will point to fmQBO. The following shows the new entry highlighted.

Check fmQBO Table Occurrences Are Mapped Correctly

1. In fmQBO open Manage Database and inspect each table occurrence in the blue area seen below. They should have the data source set to 'FM Starting Point' and the correct table mapped (based on the corresponding TO) The following shows the settings for the 'CON_Contacts' TO.

Make sure the Contacts TO is still configured correctly, See images below.

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