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Skill level: Novice
The following is a guide for integrating fmQBO with  RCC’s FM Starting Point CRM template for FileMaker ( FMSP ). This guide will walk you through the process of integrating FMSP  Accounts, Invoices and Products Modules with Quickbooks Online equivalent tables.
These tables will be suitable for 95% of use cases. We recommend the remaining tables that are stay local to the fmQBO file.

You should be comfortable editing layouts, tables, scripts and value lists, making basic layout changes and configuring external data sources.


fmQBO version 2.4 or above    (Todd to verify due to GIT #94)
FileMaker Starting Point version <<xxx>> and above.
Drop in version: 4.7  (Todd to verify) and above

Table Mapping Reference

FMStarting Point fmQBO QuickBooks Online
ACC_Accounts - Customers
(and lines)
- Invoices
PRO_Products - Items
- Payments (and related tables) Payments
- PaymentMethod PaymentMethod
- Preferences Preference
- CompanyInfo Company Info
- Preferences Preferences
- Term Term
- TaxRate TaxRate
- Account Account
- TaxCode TaxCode
*FMSP allows invoices to be associated with both an Account and a Contact. QBO associates Invoices with Customers. 
This integration will connect the QBO ‘Customer' to a corresponding FMSP ‘Account’ the FMSP primary contact.  

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